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About Becky Speed

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

I'm a female entrepreneur based in the UK. I have worked on a variety of projects over the last 20 years from fashion & beauty to glamour & fetish and everything in between both in and out of the modelling & entertainment industry.

I've been published in a variety of glamour, fetish & lifestyle magazines, carried out promotional work at top UK events including car shows, The Clothes Show Live, The Southampton Boat Show to name a small few.

I've made guest appearances on local radio shows, appeared in small roles in both TV and film and played the lead role in short spoof films. I've been featured in and made the front covers of photography, art books, magazines, calendars & posters. I've even been a magicians assistant! I've had a varied career and I'm proud of every single achievement in my career - even if some of them are not to everyone's tastes!

I've met some truly amazing people and still continue to do so. My career has enabled me to experience things that no other career would of given me including working and meeting people from many different industries and fields, travelling to some amazing locations and countries. I've even had a passion flower named after me! How cool is that!!

I have completed numerous business courses, voluntary work and mentoring in both psychology and veterinary fields. I am always learning and pursuing my personal interests. I recently completed the IGA course developed by the well known Boss Babe brand.

I currently produce content for my brand name Becky Speed Official on Only Fans. I wish to develop & expand this over time into a community for ambitious and fellow Boss Queens ~ I love empowering & inspiring all genders, but I'm especially passionate about supporting my fellow ambitious, strong & authentic business babes. I wish to create a powerful network to inspire each other to reach our goals, celebrate our successes and help newcomers with advice whilst spreading positivity & confidence & break outdated perceptions of the glamour/adult industry. Keep an eye on my blog for more about this as well as interesting posts.

It’s important for men & women of any age to feel confident in their decisions, never pushed into anything they don’t want to do but equally never made to feel bad by others insecurities for things they do choose to do once considering all the pros & cons of their choices. Always be proud of what you do! We need to stop shaming people for making different choices in life!

I also blog, create content, review & sell a range of products for Becky Lifestyle and share tips on well-being and fitness. I also run a photographic studio, Blank Canvas Studios in Peterborough. I will continue to develop and scale all areas of my work. I just love being my own boss and the challenges it brings. No day is ever the same!

In my personal life I love keeping fit, reading about psychology, spending times with my friends, family & little dog (I hope to expand my furry family soon!) I like interior design, I'm a huge foodie and love travelling. I'm 40 years old, a Scorpio and I guess you could describe me as something of a social introvert. I don't pay any attention to haters and toxic personalities in life who try to bring me down. Instead I focus positivity and the love my fans, admirers and loyal supporters give to me.

Please scroll though my blog posts to read about my other business ventures, projects and musings.


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